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From the people we have served with tailor-made web design and development for their businesses

Jimmy Sexton Esquire Group Founder
Esquire Group

Eycker is a talented and diligent digital marketing professional. He is capable of creating a project from start to finish; design, implementation and ongoing management.

What I like best about Eycker (and Projects 369) is his genuine enthusiasm for helping his clients succeed. Even without being asked, he is always is looking for ways to improve on what he has done to the benefit of his clients. He is always looking for new opportunities to help his clients succeed.

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Jimmy Sexton
CEO & Founder
Mohit Samskara Tribe Popup
Samskara Tribe

Working with Projects 369 has been very structured and concise. I feel my online presence has strengthened and consolidated a powerful image. The team has been very capable of mapping out an appropriate design for the image I had in mind.

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Mohit Khanwani
CEO & Founder
Vaporwave Boutique Flavio Projects 369
Vaporwave Boutique

Learning how to run an affiliate shop has helped us create a concept that delivers value to our niche and have the potential to generate passive income from ads and sales. Game changer!

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Flavio A
Maria Gabriela Vegabyes

I think of Eycker as a magician who transforms your ideas into a neat website, it doesn’t matter how lost you feel in this field, or how messy your initial project is, he will understand your goal and will help you materialize, organize and get the profit of the project you are working on.

He also has an amazing team of designers that will add beauty to an already a functional friendly website.

He even helped me think of strategies to communicate with my clients, his work worth every penny.

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María Gabriela Guerrero
Dr Jorge Schiavone Custom Dental
Custom Dental SLP

We met Eycker (Projects 369) through the web. We liked the proposals and the willing Eycker put to seek innovation, quality, aesthetics, harmony … so that our project was successful.

His work was impeccable not only for promptness but also for the quality and excellence in the previous presentation.

Resolving doubts, making suggested changes and especially guiding each topic, was a help worthy of appreciation.

The page is already working without problems and with a very good reception from our people.

Thank you Eycker for your attitude and professionalism.

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Jorge Schiavone
Max G Costa Est Audiovisuals Projects 369
Costa Est Audiovisuals

Eycker is a proactive professional who doesn’t just do his job well. He has an innate talent to capture the needs of his clients and knows how to turn them into good ideas. Working with Eycker guarantees us that the project will come to fruition.

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Max G.

Special mention

Masiel Tour in Barcelona Projects 369
Tour in Barcelona

By August/2020 I already had 2 websites started and they were all a huge failure. I had dedicated too much time to my project, but the websites were not functional, so I knew I had to hire someone who really knew about Google, SEO and websites design, So one day I talk to one of my best friends and she recommended Eycker from Project 369, I called him and we had 1h conversation on the phone before we met, so I could tell him what I really wanted and so he could tell me if he could achieve those tasks. 

The moment we met for the first time I knew he was the one for this cake I was cooking. He has too many skills that are really important to get things done. I´ve been discovering all these skills through time and I truly recommend anyone who is willing to “build” a website to count on him and this is why:

  1. He is very eloquent in both Spanish and English, this is very helpful if you´re expecting to have a bilingual website.
  2. One example, the target of my website are the people from the United States and I’m based in Barcelona, that’s why it’s so important to have a website that works at the same speed in both places. He works with tools that make it possible and he is always thinking one step ahead of you.
  3. He is very organized, his system of “What the client wants” and “How to deliver it” is flawless. Communication 300%.
  4. He always has a view on the business from short and long term, in that way you can upgrade your website from the one he already built for you and not having to create it from scratch.
  5. Sometimes he is also a kind of partner giving advice and tons of ideas to improve your project, he acts as a client and helps you see things from a different perspective.
  6. He is cultivated, well educated, with common sense and a very hard worker, that’s very helpful so you know your website is in good hands.
  7. The price!!!! I did my research before because I was needing someone to fix all my messes and for the things he does, the price is fair and square.
  8. He is oriented to make you win money and he is an honest person, which I value a lot.
  9. He not only builds your website but helps you with your SEO follow up, has a lot of tools for EVERYTHING.
  10. Last to round the numbers, he answers every email or WhatsApp I send him really fast, which I value a lot, because normally there are about doubts and without clearing them up I cannot continue with the tasks we´ve agreed. Even if he cannot solve the problem at the moment, he replies at the moment that he´ll see “the thing” ASAP.

I´m really happy with Eycker and the work he has done with my baby website and all the help I’ve got from him and all that I´ve learned from his professional skills.

Thanks Eycker, I know your Project 369 is gonna be a blast and that you´ll achieve all your goals because you know your things and you are dedicating so much effort that it will eventually pay back.

I´m so happy to work with you!

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