2020 Google SEO Updates and News | Stay Up to Date With Googles Algorithm.

Googles SEO changes are frequent and there are tons of videos online on how to stay on track with all of this.

If there is one thing certain about the internet is that it is constantly changing.

This can especially be said with regards to google and it’s algorithm. If you’re trying to rank up high on google, chances are you’ve gotten dizzy keeping track with all the latest changes and updates on their side.

Luckly we’re here to help you stay on top of the game and on top of the search results.

How do I stay relevant in google in 2019?

Googles SEO changes are frequent and there are tons of videos online on how to stay on track with all of this.

But what better source than google for the latest news?

Google launches a new youtube series.

Recently, Google has launched “Google Search News. ” A new youtube series created for SEO’s, publishers and web developers. The series will cover all google updates and news. The channel promises a new episode “every few weeks” brought on by the google webmasters.

Google Search News debut episodes covers the following topics:

  • Changes to webmaster office hours setup.
  • Changes in review rich results.
  • Recent updates to the search console.
  • Revamp and expansion of the nofollow links.
  • Making review rich tags more helpful.
  • New meta tags

If the first episode doesn’t fulfill your SEO knowledge cravings, the same channel also has a series named SEO mythbusting which is exactly as it sounds. Members of the developer and SEO communities chat about topics around technical SE to clarify common misconceptions and answer questions about the subject.

SEO Snippets is another series under the Google Search News parent channel answering common questions brought to you by a google webmaster.

To sum it all up, at the end of the day the best source to listen to for any SEO updates is from google itself. Watch the debut of “Google Search News” below!

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