5 Reasons Why Articles Are Essential for a Successful Online Presence.

Consistently having up to date and informative articles on your website is an excellent means to market yourself online. Marketing your content and site with articles is more than simply writing an article. Anchor texts, calls to action, using the right keywords and having the correct links are all necessary. If you follow the necessary steps and create a successful article marketing campaign, your work will be rewarded with four very powerful outcomes: 

Why are consistent articles important to have on a website?

1 – By providing useful, valuable, informative and easy to read content on the right subjects, you will establish yourself as an authority figure under your respective niche that your website focuses on. This while adding the right keywords and information that users are actually searching for and interested in will build your online reputation and strengthen your online presence as well as increasing traffic to your website. 

2 – It will allow you to optimize for the right keywords and key phrases by implementing keyword-driven content into your articles. By using the right keywords and anchor texts in your article, you can implement SEO techniques that will link back to your own website for an increase in search engine optimization.

3 – It will allow you to build powerful one-way links from popular article submission websites, guaranteeing you a better chance of seeing action from search engines like Google and Yahoo. One way links are the most powerful, especially when they are coming directly from popular sources like article submission sites with a 6-page rank, which is one of the highest possible page ranks that a website can obtain.

4 – It will create new avenues for potential visitors to find you because your submitted articles will appear not only in the submission sites where you add them but all numerous other websites throughout the internet.

Launching a powerful article marketing campaign that submits easy to read and valuable content to users is one of the most successful avenues for marketing online. This will lead you to a startling increase in traffic to your website. If you are serious about increasing your capabilities when it comes to increasing traffic, bringing new opt-in signups, generating ad sense revenue, generating affiliate product revenue or selling your own products, then an article writing and submission or article marketing campaign is one of the best things that you can do. 

No internet marketing campaign is complete without some article writing. While you can place articles on your own website for some success, the best way to generate web traffic success with article writing is through a well planned, well-written article marketing campaign. This is one of the best and most efficient ways to drive new traffic to your website so that you may sell products, generate opt-in sign-ups and earn ad revenue.

But I don’t have time to constantly write and publish articles on my site!

We get this a lot and we understand. You may know a lot about your specialty or trade but are busy managing more important things than typing up a long article. Well, what if we told you you could send us a voice memo with you speaking about the particular theme or niche of your site and in return you’d get an SEO optimized article?

Let us take the burden of writing from you and get your time back!

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