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We are passionate about online presence

We define ourselves as a digital platform for others to benefit from our 7+ years of experience, know-how and tools to improve their online presence,  performance and reach.

Online Presence

Online Presence?

Online presence is how your business or project behaves and interacts with the world when you are not there.

It’s the storytelling about your business that holds the key to engage with your audience in such ways that it’s inevitable for both of you to win.

Ask yourself, what story is your website (or lack of it) telling to the rest of the world?

The 369 Formula

Our formula is simple:

Coherence + Relevance = Success.

Coherence is about the alignment between what you do and say on your online platforms. Relevance is the added value you provide that makes your business stand-out in the eyes of your consumers and most search engines.

Together they’re the necessary mix for success.

The Formula Projects
Our approach to online presence Projects 369

Our Approach

We believe in like-minded people with a clear purpose, solid principles and strong values. These are our clients, people who are in love with what they do and the reasons why they do it. They’re the people (and businesses) that we aim to help develop strategies for delivering more value to more customers.

We define ourselves as a digital platform for others to benefit from our 7+ years of experience, know-how and tools to improve their online presence,  performance and reach.

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Online presence is much more than just a website

Hello Eycker Projects 369
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Hi, my name is Eycker

Founder of Projects 369

I have been passionate about technology with a soft spot for art expression ever since I can remember, I enjoy learning about psychology and emotional intelligence. I consider these last two as key factors to be and feel great about what we do as professionals.

I created Projects 369 in 2018 when I realized my life was not coherent and I didn’t feel relevant in my job at that time. I knew, in my guts, I was able to deliver more value to more people, serve with purpose, and be happy while doing it.

After seven years working on different website projects (almost every one of them is a proven success case), helping just one company at a time to develop only one website, I decided that it was time to take things to the next level.

For me, the next level is to offer a system that was not restricted to one business and one website, a method that helps multiple businesses (or projects) to resonate at their natural frequency attracting the right audience to deliver value through products or services.

One source of joy for me is to see my clients happily sharing their websites with their audience, their suppliers, and even their family and friends. When you reach that level of confidence in your business and online presence you are on the right path to see positive results and that as a professional feels good.

About Us Tesla

If you knew the magnificence of the three, six and nine, you would have a key to the universe.

During my university years, I discovered Nikola Tesla and it completely blew my mind.

Part of his philosophy stayed with me after after I learned about his life, work ethic and process.

Projects 369 is a wink to a principle of Vortex-Based Mathematics that explains energy flow and transformation that occurs in the whole universe.

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