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Projects 369 isn’t just a web design and development agency – we’re a decade-strong digital powerhouse. We proudly serve as a digital gateway, sharing our extensive knowledge, expertise, and cutting-edge tools to supercharge your online presence, drive business growth, increase revenue, and optimize performance.

What drives us?

We believe in the transformative power of exceptional web design and development.

We are a boutique agency comprising a handpicked team of high-end professionals who are passionate about crafting captivating online experiences. We are driven by a single mission: to help businesses like yours thrive in the digital landscape.

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Meet Eycker

Greetings! I’m Eycker, your friendly neighborhood tech enthusiast with a heart that beats for artistic expression. From a young age, my curiosity for technology has been rivaled only by my passion for the arts. But that’s just the beginning of the story.

Diving deeper into the human psyche, I found my other passions in psychology and emotional intelligence. To me, these aren’t just subjects; they’re the secret ingredients to excel in our professional lives and, more importantly, to truly savor what we do.

Projects 369 is born

In 2018, the “Aha!” moment struck, and Projects 369 was born. I realized that life lacked coherence, and my job left me feeling like a piece in an unsolvable puzzle. Deep down, I knew there was more I could offer to more people. I yearned to serve with purpose, and, most importantly, to be blissfully happy while at it.

Before this exciting journey, my adventure in the online presence industry began in 2012. I’ve been riding the digital waves, exploring the ever-evolving landscape of online presence, and gathering insights that have brought me to this moment.

Projects 369 is born About Us Projects 369 1
Enough about me About us Projects 369 1

But hey, enough about me!

I’m all ears (and a keyboard) to answer any questions you might have. Feel free to reach out and let’s embark on this exciting voyage together.

Welcome to Projects 369 – Where passion meets technology, and success meets purpose.

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