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Every project is unique,
it’s website should be too.

A tailor-made website is the first step to building a solid online presence.  It’s about having your project reach & connect with your audience. Take the first step with us!

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What our clients say about us

What our clients say about us

The online presence sessions with you not only helped me in getting a clear picture of how to strategically present the strength of what I do and offer in a clear way to the visitors of my website, potential clients and workshop participants. Your expertise in creating a vivid user experience and your great ideas, sense and understanding for web design has also taken a lot of weight of my shoulders. I can focus on my strengths and value creation way more now.
Jonas Bellavita
I love the fact that we get to delegate tasks and ideas to get execute while we take care of our business, customers and core operations. We send them the new content and they take it from there, no more fighting with web editors or back office. Thank you so much for giving us time back!
Miss L.
Scorpion Worldwide
Projects 369 helped my business to have an updated online presence. Our website adapts to all type of screens and the information is now easier to find for our users and clients.
Jimmy Sexton
Esquire Group

Display Website

Good if you want to:

  • Share valuable content with your community/audience.
  • Showcase your work in a fashionable way, 24/7.
  • Generate leads & business opportunities.
  • Help people find & reach to you via email, phone or by a personal visit.
  • Inform your community or clients about the latest news of your project.
  • Understanding how your community behaves online in order to offer them more value out of their experience of your project.
If you think good online presence is expensive you should look at the cost of having a bad online presence

E-Commerce Website

Good if you want to:

  • Sell your products on an online platform.
  • Offer your services online.
  • Generate leads to business opportunities.
  • Have a 24/7 point of sales for your business.
  • Help people find and reach you regarding your business.
  • Inform your community or clients about the latest news of your project, products or services.
  • Understanding how your community behaves online in order to offer them more value out of their experience with your project.
  • Automating your product logistic or service flow.

What we consider important:

Focusing on your strengths

We’ll take the weight of managing your online presence off your shoulders, giving you more time to deliver more value to more people. Once you send us your content we will display the strongest aspects of your product, project or service online.

A Clear & honest purpose

As an audience, we connect deeper with those who are passionate about what they do. This is why we select clients that are involved in projects that they believe in.
The end result? An outcome that forms strong relationships with users and an enjoyable experience to all involved

Content is king

Talking passionately and in detail about what you live is the recipe for success when it comes to online presence
You know best about your project. Lets leverage your knowledge into content that adds value to your audience and traction to your site.

Good communication with the audience

Coherence and good communication is key. It’s all about using the right words that will allow your audience to find you when they search on Google.

Coherence & Relevance

Curated content displayed beautifully with the right tone adds up to higher chances of a successful and a great customer experience.

Your website should work for you, not the other way around.

A good website is one of the best partners you can have. It tells people your story by creating a beautiful space that sparks interest in your projects or products to others. We’ll help you automate your site in order to improve the user experience and give you back time to focus on delivering the best value to your project, product or service.

Online Presence Strategy Sessions

Most of the time when we get involved in a project for a long period of time we tend to develop what we call “Project Shortsight”. We lose track of our objective and vision and catch ourselves blindsighted to any possible solutions. 

A fresh set of eyes can help you define those blurry parts of your project and carefully plan out actions that can lead to a successful outcome. 

We have more than 5 years experience building websites and working for and with different development groups. We’ve also invested time in the past 8 years on studying human behavior and 3 years in doing robotics and automation. Let’s use our experience to check out your project and give you a fresh take.

We use all our experience in our sessions to help you:

Save time

  • Avoid making common beginner mistakes when setting up your site and overall web presence. Using real cases* we’ll explain if a strategy work or not and why.
  • Our years of experience working with long term, established businesses has taught us to avoid certain steps or choices that may lead to problems down the line. If you’re just starting up your business, let’s use our experience to your advantage and help you skip any unnecessary hurdles on your path to success. 
  • Last but not least, having long terms goals for your online presence will save you the time of planning it in the future and will lead you towards a clear path.

Get a clear vision

  • Understanding your audience helps you adapt your communication style to connect better and  help your message reach the right target with the right focus.

Leveraging on our knowledge

  • “Give me a lever and a place to stand and I will move the earth. Give me a fulcrum, and I shall move the world.“Archimedes.
    Through this principle, we will give you the knowledge and tools available to move the world around your project.

A boost of confidence

  • When we don’t see the solution or a clear picture of our projects we tend to get frustrated, pausing can have a negative impact on how confident we feel about the project. 
  • Once the frustration passes and we open up to new ideas that triggers our imagination to new outcomes we feel that spark of confidence that gets reflected in the actions taken for the project.
  • We aim to give you a confidence boost by simply presenting a different perspective with a variety of successful outcomes for you to think about.

What you get

Before the session

  • We analyze your current situation, case and goals.
  • We search for similar success cases and best practices.
  • We prepare a set of ideas and approaches to propose in our session.

During the session

  • If it is your first time, we have a 15 min introduction to introduce each other and the project.
  • We will do a round of questions to better understand your project. 
  • We present you our perspective about your project, situation and goals to confirm we got your idea in full.
  • We then proceed to discuss ideas, plans and strategies that will help you achieve your goals.
  • Once we finish our time together we will have a 15 min of conclusions to review the main points about the session.

After the session

  • We send you a brief with:
    • Your current situation and what you propose are the challenges or problems you’re facing.
    • Ideas and recommendations for your project.
    • Detailed “next steps” and guidelines to help you reach your online goals.

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