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We took the concept of web consultancy services to the next level to define our strategy sessions. Overcome challenges and get a clear vision to move confidently towards success. Let’s define your success together in our strategy sessions.

Strategy Session and web consultancy services
Whole Picture Projects 369

You’re too involved to see the whole picture

Most of the time when we get involved in a project for a long period of time we tend to develop what we call “Project Shortsight”. We lose track of our objective and vision and catch ourselves blind-sighted to any possible solutions. 

We have more than 6 years of experience building websites and working with different development groups. We’ve also invested time in the past 8 years studying human behaviour and 3 years in doing robotics and automation.

Let’s use our experience to check out your project and give you a fresh take. That’s what 369 strategy sessions are for.

Our experience at your service

We use all our experience in our strategy sessions to help you:

Save time

Avoid making common beginner mistakes when setting up your site and overall web presence. Using real cases* we’ll explain if a strategy work or not and why.

Get a clear vision

Understanding your audience helps you adapt your communication style to connect better and help your message reach the right target with the right focus.

Leveraging on our knowledge

“Give me a lever and a place to stand and I will move the earth. Give me a fulcrum, and I shall move the world.“ - Archimedes. Through this principle, we will give you the knowledge and tools available to move the world around your project.

A boost of confidence

We aim to give you a confidence boost by simply presenting a different perspective with a variety of successful outcomes for you to think about.

Content upload & update

We help ensure that new content it’s uploaded OK and displayed properly. Whether it’s text or multimedia we take care of that for you.


As you know, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) determines how strong is your online presence. Strategies like Growth Hacking relies on research and content curation that allows your website to be on the top results for a series of keywords.

*The real cases we share are under the consent of our clients, we show only the necessary information and we have a strict disclosure policy on sensitive information to protect our client’s projects, strategy, integrity and privacy.

When we don’t see the solution or a clear picture of our projects we tend to get frustrated, pausing can have a negative impact on how confident we feel about the project.

Once the frustration passes and we open up to new ideas that trigger our imagination to new outcomes we feel that spark of confidence that gets reflected in the actions taken for the project.

Our Prices

Our strategy sessions & web consultancy services rates are hour-based. Depending on your needs and current situation you can book individual hours or a set of hours.

We give planning high value and it’s the reason we offer a discount for the hour packages, it helps us organize our workflow in advance while delivering good service and results.


4 hours or less

per hour
  • Online or in person

4 - 10 hours

55 per hour
  • Online or in person

10 - 20 hours

50 per hour
  • Online or in person

After our strategy sessions you get

A session brief with highlights, conclusions and recommendations.

Analysis of your current situation along with the challenges (or problems) you're facing.

Ideas and tailor-made solutions for your project.

Next steps and easy to follow guidelines help you reach your online goals.

Strategy sessions & web consultancy services

In our experience

Our years of experience working with long term, established businesses have taught us to avoid certain steps or choices that may lead to problems down the line. If you’re just starting up your business, let’s use our experience to your advantage and help you skip any unnecessary hurdles on your path to success.

Strategy Sessions

How it works

1. Fill out the form requesting a strategy session or a session pack.

2. Our team will review your applications and will contact you back to ensure you have selected the best fit for your current situation.

3. Upon selecting the best option for you, you can book the hours of the month to have the session(s). 

4. We send you an order/ticket to be paid with your preferred method.

5. Once the payment is received, we schedule the selected hours for you with an email confirmation along with the invoice.

6. With our strategy session notes, we create a custom analysis for your project. The length varies according to the magnitude of the situation and goals.

Last but not least

Having long terms goals for your online presence will save you the time of planning it in the future and will lead you towards a clear path.

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