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We don’t only build a remarkable online presence, we offer website maintenance and security services because we know that maintenance is vital to maximizing web performance.

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Why is it important?

A website is no different from a car, a computer, a house or a specialized machine for your business, they all require regular maintenance to ensure the proper function, quality and performance; otherwise, these factors can, and will be, compromised.

Functionality is not everything, keeping your corporate or personal appearance updated will transmit your audience that you are meticulous and passionate about your project, hence there is a positive association with it. We will take care of the design aspect, or work hand-to-hand with your in-house designer, to ensure a seamless brand ID with your other platforms.

Last but not least is the written content strategy for your website. SEO plays a major role when we plan, and implement, growth hacking strategies to boost your brand. Knowing how to reach more people, offering more value is a mix of science and art that not everybody can perform well even with a great product or service.

Website maintenance adapted to your needs

We work, and trust, with the major CMS (Content Management System) in the market which is WordPress. All our plans are exclusively for WordPress based websites. We believe that specialization helps us as professionals to deliver high-quality results.

A hassle-free maintenance plan allows you to focus on your project knowing that your site is up to date and performing at its best. Users, search engines and web technologies are in constant change. We will make sure you are always relevant and competitive within your audience and market with a smooth-running website.

Prices per hour

  • 4 hours or less €50
  • 4 - 10 hours €45
  • 10 - 20 hours €40
  • 20 hours or more €35

Our 369 packages

If you know in advance what type of work you want we are happy to give you a discount. This is because it allows us to plan, prioritize and organize our tasks and overall operation.

10 hours

  • You save 50€

20 hours

  • You save 160€

40 hours

  • You save 400€

What you get

These are some of the benefits you enjoy when you have your website under a maintenance plan with us.

Time to focus on your project

When a user goes to your website, they don’t care who is taking care of doing the work to keep your site smoothly, they just want a good experience. 

You don’t have to prove that you know how to do website maintenance, instead focus on your project or enjoy a couple of hours of free time for yourself.

Performance report

A summary of your website performance the previous month. We translate the analytics into a digestible brief with conclusions and custom recommendation from our +7 years of experience background to help your project and online presence.

Updates, testing and improvements

Having your site updated with the latest versions of different software as well as your server keeps your site running smoothly. 

New pages, functionalities and updates should be tested to ensure the user a good experience.

New pages

From landing pages to product pages keeping your site fresh, add pages as your project grows.

Content upload & update

We help ensure that new content it’s uploaded OK and displayed properly. Whether it’s text or multimedia we take care of that for you.


As you know, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) determines how strong is your online presence. Strategies like Growth Hacking relies on research and content curation that allows your website to be on the top results for a series of keywords.

Speed Optimization

If your page load slower than 6 seconds chances are more than 40% of the users will leave the site looking for similar content that is delivered faster. Not only users, but Google also gives a better rating to faster sites. Here you can test your site performance according to Google standards.


We have a system of double security to keep your content backed up. Bottom line there is always a possibility of server collapse, close, malfunctions, etc. Our system ensures that there are 2 ways to be back online in no time.

Keep your site memorable

It’s all about consistency

Consistency is highly valued and maintenance is a synonym of consistency.

As in most activities or areas of life, what will make someone stand out from the rest is the number of hours invested with laser-focus on that activity or field.

Website maintenance, in this case, is the constant development and improvement of the site skills to perform at its best capacity to your audience.

Keep your project competitive with us.

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