Our Portfolio

These are the projects we have done or collaborated

We’re always happy to share the projects we have been involved in. We will show you the challenges our clients have faced, how our services help them overcome these challenges and the highlights of each project.

They already have an online presence

Kanz Jewels

“Treasure of timeless beauty” defines perfectly the type and quality of the products that Kanz Jewels has to offer. Located in Dubai, they create unique pieces to compliment you and your looks.

Esquire Group

International tax services for discerning clients with more than 15 years of experience, press releases, featured in Forbes, CNN and the Washington Post.

JS Private Advisory

The ultimate luxury is to control your most precious resource – time. With your vision and Jimmy’s know-how, it’s within reach.

D5 Dubai (Landing page)

Custom design and development of a page where they can offer virtual training to their regular customers and invite people to join the online training revolution.

Samskara Tribe

Samskara is about kick-starting a lifestyle change that starts with empowering you to choose what you put in your body and improving your overall wellness.

Vaporwave Boutique

They promote up and coming vaporwave artists, share vaporwave wallpaper in hopes of  giving your laptop an aesthetic boost and collect and share the best vaporwave style items on our store to share with you.


Barcelona based vegan catering for bar, restaurants, events. Gaby offers a wide range of plant-based creations that can help reach to new customers but also shares some amazing recipes for her community in her blog.

Custom Dental

A family business owned by a family who are in love with dental care. Based in Barcelona, these highly professional group of doctors had a website that didn’t match their service offer, non-responsive site and slow performance. We brought the website back to 2020 making it responsive, fast and easy for customers to schedule a consultation.