Content from Voice Memos

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Here we will assist you by converting your ideas from speech to text. Send us a voice memo summarizing the topic you’d like and we will do the rest.

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Why do you need an article?

Content is king. Articles and blog posts are a guaranteed way to make your site more visible on google, promote your business and become a knowledgeable source within your specific niche which will attract more viewers to your site. Let’s take the task of writing away from you so you can focus on other tasks

Please send us 

  • Information on your website, the topic you want us to write about and whether you want it written in English or Spanish
  • The voice memo (10 mins max, option for more time available)
  • What keywords you are aiming for, links to articles you like and the style/tone you’d like the article to be written in.

In return you receive an SEO optimized article or blog post.

Get in touch with us if you have any questions!

Word count

350, 500, 800


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