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Web design and development is about building memorable online experiences for your audience helping you reach your goals delivering high-value to your visitors and customers.

Web design and development services Projects 369


From the people we have served with tailor-made web design and development for their businesses

Jimmy Sexton
Jimmy Sexton
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Eycker is a talented and diligent digital marketing professional. He is capable of creating a project from start to finish; design, implementation and ongoing management.

What I like best about Eycker (and Projects 369) is his genuine enthusiasm for helping his clients succeed. Even without being asked, he is always is looking for ways to improve on what he has done to the benefit of his clients. He is always looking for new opportunities to help his clients succeed.

Mohit Khanwani
Mohit Khanwani
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Working with Projects 369 has been very structured and concise. I feel my online presence has strengthened and consolidated a powerful image. The team has been very capable of mapping out an appropriate design for the image I had in mind.

Jonas Bellavita
Jonas Bellavita
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The online presence sessions with you not only helped me in getting a clear picture of how to strategically present the strength of what I do and offer in a clear way to the visitors of my website, potential clients and workshop participants. Your expertise in creating a vivid user experience and your great ideas, sense and understanding for web design has also taken a lot of weight of my shoulders. I can focus on my strengths and value creation way more now.
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Learning how to run an affiliate shop has helped us create a concept that delivers value to our niche and have the potential to generate passive income from ads and sales. Game changer!
María Gabriela Guerrero
María Gabriela Guerrero
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I think of Eycker as a magician who transforms your ideas into a neat website, it doesn't matter how lost you feel in this field, or how messy your initial project is, he will understand your goal and will help you materialize, organize and get the profit of the project you are working on.

He also has an amazing team of designers that will add beauty to an already a functional friendly website.

He even helped me think of strategies to communicate with my clients, his work worth every penny.

Jorge Schiavone
Jorge Schiavone
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We met Eycker (Projects 369) through the web. We liked the proposals and the willing Eycker put to seek innovation, quality, aesthetics, harmony ... so that our project was successful.

His work was impeccable not only for promptness but also for the quality and excellence in the previous presentation.

Resolving doubts, making suggested changes and especially guiding each topic, was a help worthy of appreciation.

The page is already working without problems and with a very good reception from our people.

Thank you Eycker for your attitude and professionalism.

Jorge Schiavone.

Director of Custom Dental SLP.

web design & development how it works

How it works

When it comes to web design and development, we have our simple and effective 369 system to take an idea from paper to a beautiful & functional website that helps your business or project have a solid foundation to establish a strong, coherent and relevant online presence.

In Projects 369 we believe in having systems and processes that ensure quality in our deliveries. Achieving a coherent and relevant online presence demands clear planning followed by a professional execution.

Once the website is online, we teach you how to handle the content from the easy to use CMS (Content Management System), process orders, reply to comments and everything you need to give your audience the best experience possible.

Your website, your ally

Having a website is like having a partner. This ally should help you display your projects, ideas and messages to the world in the most compelling way possible.

As a business partner, it makes your products and services available 24/7 for your audience. With the right training, this partner will help your business grow.

This partner must assure that people visiting your site can easily find the products or services that they’re looking for on your website. Likewise, it should explain the benefits of the products or services in a coherent and relevant way. Finally, it should guide the user to the end and offer a secure payment platform.

Ask yourself:

  • Is my website a good partner?
  • Is it helping me grow my business or project?
  • Is my website performing at it’s best?
  • Is there room to improve my website’s performance?

We can help you answer and address those concerns!

your website your ally - web design & development

Web design and development process

We divide the web design and web development process into three major steps

Web design and development - planning & prototyping

Step 1

Planning & Prototyping

Planning is a major step, here is where we define the key content, pages and sections for the website . With the information, we build a series of sketches (wireframe) to distribute the content in the most user-friendly way possible (web design). 

Web design and development - Approval & Execution

Step 2

Approval & Execution

After the prototype is approved we move to convert each design page into a functional web page (web development). It is this step, function and design come together to form a stunning website. 

Web design and development - Revision & Delivery

Step 3

Revision & Delivery

Upon agreement of revisions and testing, we give you (and your team) a guided visit to the back-office dashboard along with video tutorials for future references on how to handle the content, orders, upload products, create blog posts and more!

Display vs E-Commerce

Deciding which type of website you want is the first step. Take a look at the differences between display and e-commerce website

Web design and development Display Website - Projects 369

Display Website

A display website has no online transactions available. The focus is on content display for personal or business purposes. Design is a key element to display the content.

Web design and development Display Website - Projects 369

Display Website

A display website has no online transactions available. The focus is on content display for personal or business purposes. Design is a key element to display the content.

Good if you want to:

Web design and development -E-Commerce Website Projects 369

E-Commerce Website

An e-commerce website focuses its efforts on selling products and/or services with online payments available. The focus is on generating profits by offering value to customers.

Web design and development -E-Commerce Website Projects 369

E-Commerce Website

An e-commerce website focuses its efforts on selling products and/or services with online payments available. The focus is on generating profits by offering value to customers.

Good if you want to:

Let's do a website together

Professional web design & development services

Tools we use

The right tools are important to deliver a clean, professional and useful website. We like to work with software that is compatible with the most popular search engines, browsers and devices to ensure enjoyable and memorable user experience.

Web design and development tools we use

Our Approach

Online presence is much more than just web design and development

Online presence equals communicating the meaning of what you do and why you do it, allowing you to connect with your desired audience on a deeper level.

We provide you with a  tailor-made solution that fits your needs and goals.

There’s no such thing as a cheap website. 

A low-cost website will end up costing you more in the long run. 

Things that free websites or low-cost websites lack include:

  • Responsive design
  • User-friendly interface
  • Speed optimization
  • Curated content for search engine (SEO)


We offer these things and more!


No. Every project is unique, it’s website should be too. We do tailor-made solutions that go from a single page site to complex websites with multiple pages and functionalities.

Based on this we estimate the number of hours needed to develop a simple page or a complex website.

Yes. We take care of uploading the statics part of the website and you are free to upload dynamic content like blog posts, products, categories, portfolio items, recipes and other forms of dynamic content. They will be displayed using the templates we design for those pages and sections, you only focus on creating and uploading high-quality content.

There are many levels of clearance for the WordPress dashboard that helps determine what each user is able to do that has an impact on the front-end.

According to the user role edit functions will be available or not. Especially for e-commerce customers, a user is created to help them track their orders, invoices, edit their billing & shipping information. 

As for you and your team, we will create the necessary accounts and profiles for them to access the website back-office.

The number of user roles depends on the nature of the website

We make sure your website is connected with the Google indexing platforms that help Google (and other search engines) read your content and file it in their system. 

This connection not only helps your website appear when users perform search queries related to your website but also helps us keep track on the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that will allow us to search for improvements and opportunities to have a better ranking and indexing in the future.

Keeping your site up to date indicates Google and users that your website will deliver a better user experience compared to a similar but outdated site. Your site and server must be constantly updated, the internet is a fast-changing world and adaptation ensures survival. 

We offer different maintenance plans (here) that adapt to your needs. 

Our plans include updates, content upload, backups and most importantly a performance report with highlights and custom recommendations. These will help you and your team make decisions based on reliable data and our experienced advise.

It’s up to you. The copywriting service can be included when we are planning a quotation for your website.

We have trusted people who can take care of the copywriting for the website with experience in setting an appealing tone to your audience. However, you (and your team) know better all the key details of your project or business. Therefore, we will ask the right questions from the user perspective without forgetting the use of keywords that help you index better on Google and other search engines.

Some of our clients have copywriting skills and they provide the written content themselves, we then do adjustments based on the site performance and analytics.

When it comes to websites we exclusively work with WordPress as CMS (Content Management System). 

We have worked with other platforms like Shopify or SquareSpace but unfortunately we found out that the results, flexibility and overall performance is always better with WordPress. 

There is a reason why ⅓ of the current websites in the world are created under WordPress CMS. One of the (major) reasons is that it complies with most search engines, browsers and devices which is a must nowadays.

We have clients in the US, Europe and Middle-East and communication is never a problem. We have a simple and effective way to keep track of the communication and find the time frames in which we are all in business hours.

We have a list of emergency scenarios in which we are going to be available to address situations outside business hours.